USA Elections 2016, a matter for the entire world

The United States of America is considered as a world most powerful country. International trade moves around it. Thus, USA Elections 2016 obviously represented a concern for everyone.

There was a huge campaign in both political parties, republic and democratic, represented by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton respectively. However, during long months of campaign and some scandals of one candidate, after debates between them, surveys showed positive results for Hillary Clinton, apparently.

What really surprised the entire world on November 8th, or maybe not, was that Donald Trump, despite his scandals and his bad reputation for being disrespectful, homophobic, and racist, won the elections.

The new president-elect has defended throughout his campaign a turn in the politics of USA and abroad. Donald Trump’s victory leads to an uncertainty period. Remember, when the US sneezes, the world catches a cold.


Written by: Thamara Velasco Troya



Candel, B. (2016, November 14). Elecciones EEUU: Resultados y reacciones internacionales. Retrieved from


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