The art of the war was written by Sun-Tzu who was a military strategist. It is divided by thirteen chapters that show how to win a war by following actions plans and strategies. This book explains how war is the domain of life or death, the road to survival or the Empire loss.

Strategies such as: adapting to compete in any type of terrain, even if you are capable to demonstrate inability, attacking when your competitor is not ready, and messages such as “victory was to be achieved with the least possible sacrifice of men and materials” demonstrate both how smart this military was before act and planned strategies. He also wrote on his book that the best way to fight with your enemy is by bring down their plans, disrupting their preparations and undermining their alliances.

Even though thousands of years have passed since the publication of this book, the warrior and competitive spirit survives in business, academic, sports, institutional, diplomatic and even personal environment, because strategy is the art of competing that is what the great business leaders around the world have in their minds.



                Written by: Jan Carlos Alarcón Carreño     


Giles, L. (10 de September de 1910). The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Oriental Printed Boooks and Manuscripts British Museum.



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