Seeing the Gorilla is about why some people spot opportunities while others don´t, It is a 30 second film made by the psychologist Daniel Simons about six basketball players and during the film a man dressed as a gorilla walked through the players.

Three of them wear white shirts and the others wear black shirts. The audience is asked to watch the film and count the number of times people pass the basketball to one another, at the end they were asked if they see the gorilla and nobody said yes.

The message is that people only focus on what they want to find, missing things that are obvious but unexpected, opportunities will always be in front of them, but not for long, it is up to you to take them.



                Written by: Jan Carlos Alarcón Carreño     


Wiseman, R. (2007, September 10). Did you spot the Gorilla. Seeing the Gorilla.


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