Welcome to the business world, it is a honor that you visit our blog. First, we want to explain you why we are here.

We are common students that everyday have to deal with different classes, subjects, and so on. During this semester, our  business english professor, Ing. Patricia Gómez,  sent us a tutorial project: the creation of a blog. To be honest, that is why we are here. However, at the beginning we considered it as a simple work, you know it is just about posting articles on the internet, it is not a big deal, but then we see this blog as an opportunity.

Yes, an opportunity to be communicated with this big world, an opportunity to help people that are in our same situation, and the best way is through posts that we are pretty sure are going to help you in different aspects. Please, feel free to leave any comments and suggestions, don’t be shy and join us in this new project!


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