“LEESLE, a casual brand that takes inspiration from the design of traditional Korean costumes.”

Hanbok is a traditional Korean clothing that dates back to approximately five thousand years ago and encompasses the original culture of South Korea.

However, nowadays Korean people hardly wear hanbok. Having this into consideration, Hwang Lee-sle, who is a costume designer and the founder of LEESLE, decided to create the brand to encourage people to wear it.

Her designs have special details because she mixes the traditional han style with shirts, jacket, and pants. According to her concept, these styles can comfortably mix-and-match with your everyday clothes that will suit your lifestyle.

Certainly, it is important to highlight that hanbok is becoming so popular thanks to her designs and as she said “LEESLE plays a crucial role in introducing Korean aesthetics.”

                                                                                                         Written by: Sophie Mendoza Asanza

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Lee-sle, H. (2015). LEESLE. Retrieved from http://leesle.kr/


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